How to use QQ3DS for Region Free on NEW 3DS 10.5.0-30?

1. Prepare the QQ3DS and New 3DS 10.5.0-30 (Sure, you can use any of the 3DS/3DSXL/LL/New3DS/XL/LL/2DS with any version, just as you perfer to), and download the homebrew starter loader here and unzip all the files to the root of your 3DS SD card. QQ3DS-shot-1


2. Firstly , you need to write a Cubic Ninja game(the some region to your 3DS device), and some of out of region games by QQ3DS diskwriter tool. (Follow tutorial how to use QQ3DS) QQ3DS diskwriter

3. Insert QQ3DS(3DS Mode card) into NEW 3DS and start running Cubic Ninja.
QQ3DS Cubic Ninja

4. Make sure your NEW 3DS's wifi connection is enabled and connected to the internet (this is important!).

5. Start CUBIC NINJA on your console, choose "Create", then "QR code", and finally "Scan QR code"( Cubic Ninja new game
Cubic Ninja edit
Cubic Ninja scan QR code
Note: Please choose the right console type and region (NEW means New3DS/XL/LL,OLD means old 3ds).

6. Scan the QR Code. This step might take a couple tries; make sure you fill up as much of your NEW 3DS's screen with the QR code. If scanning the QR code returns to menu with an error, try a few more times.
QR CODE 10.1.0-27

7. Follow the on screen instructions. You may choose not to install the exploit to your QQ3DS's savedata, though doing so is not recommended.

8. After you installed NINJHAX 2.1 successfully, you can see the Homebrew Launcher interface as below.
QQ3DS homebrew

9. There are many homebrew preloaded , and you just need to select the "Region free lanucher" to go on.
QQ3DS region free lanucher

10. there will be display the running 3ds game icon on the bottom screen.

game icon 1 region free lanucher

11. You just need to press the QQ3DS blue button to switch to another out of region game, and the icon will also be display there.
game icon 2 region free lanucher

run game icon region free

12. Then you can press A to run the region free game as you'd like to

QQ3DS play out of region game1

QQ3DS play out of region game2

QQ3DS play out of region game3

13. You can also follow to refer this QQ3DS video below

Pick up QQ3DS to try now!

1. ninjhax won’t run anymore ! I updated my console after installing ninjhax and I can’t access the homebrew launcher anymore. What do I do ?

In this case, all you need to do is clear CUBIC NINJA’s savegame and install the exploit again. To do so, enter CUBIC NINJA’s main menu and hold L+R+X+Y; after a few seconds, a menu will show up asking whether you’d like to clear your savegame. Do it, grab the QR code for your new firmware version and you should be good to go!

2. ninjhax won’t run at all ! I’m getting a red screen after a bunch of text shows up. What’s going on ?

This happens when you don’t have a boot.3dsx file at the root of your SD card. Please follow the install instructions and try again.

3. ninjhax won’t run at all for some other reason ! What am I doing wrong ?

This most likely means you are using the wrong QR code for your console/firmware version. Please double check that you are using the correct version.

4. Can ninjhax be uninstalled ?

Yes. Go to CUBIC NINJA’s main menu, hold L+R+X+Y and follow instructions. This will also erase your savegame. There is currently no way to uninstall ninjhax without losing your Cubic Ninja savegame because it seems noone cares enough about their Cubic Ninja savegame to make one.

5. Can I play GBA games by Ninjhax with QQ3DS ?

Yes. Go to see the QQ3DS Ninjhax new features.